Acoustic Singles

by Jewelia

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released February 3, 2017




Jewelia London, UK
Singer/songwriter producing my own music, a mixture of art pop with alternative, chamber pop and electronica. I use music and poetry to create stories; they must be good, because I often end up believing them.

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Track Name: If Only
In a town with yellow houses
lived a boy who loved a girl
but he was way too shy around her
and she had never been too bold

Oh, if only

He was young, but made for big things
bigger than that little town
Many times he thought of leaving
But his heart was holding back.

The shimmering stars, half-moon in the sky
The chill of the night, time to say good-bye
Their hearts beating fast, the warmth of her arms
For only a kiss he decided not leave

In five years, we're at a wedding
the bride's the girl we saw before
Here's our boy, he's now a grown man
but the bride is not his girl.
Later on he marries someone, they were both afraid of getting old
He works all day in an office and they have a baby boy

Sometimes late at night, when the baby cries loud
He lies wide awake, feeling so down
He's nothing of want he dreamt to become
All he thinks about is 'if only'

Oh, if only

If you add 20 more years, that baby boy is now a man
He grew up clever and good-looking, and I happen to know him very well
Here's our house of fireflies where he sings me lullabies
He’s the one I always turn to, the one I hold
in those many sleepless nights

Sometimes late at night when we lie side by side
I stay wide awake and I think life is great
And I wouldn't change a thing, I don't even want to think
Of how my life could have been if only...
If only…

Oh, if only

They say things happen for a reason
I don’t know it there is any reason at all
but think about it, if the the tiniest thing would have been different

You wouldn’t have been born
Track Name: The Tower
A flight of ravens flew over my frozen desert in the morning
Such a view I won’t forget
I saw their wings of smokey darkness covering the moon
they took away within their claws my sleep and with it
the most beautiful dream I’ve ever dreamed.

The lover of my dreams, he’s lost his powers
since they took him away and locked him in the tower
and through the bars, he sees the stars
he’s too close to the sky now
he calls my name, but what a shame
the wind blows his words away

And there, beneath the stars, the empty tower lies hidden by the fog
not even ravens fly so high to reach it
up there even the wind forgets to blow
down here on Earth there was a storm, but life goes further
and I am looking now for a real lover
Track Name: Iubitul din turn
Un stol de corbi a trecut in zbor
Peste pustiurile mele inghetate au zburat
Au luat cu ei in gheare somnul si cu el
Ultimul vis pe care l-am visat.

Iubitul meu din turn a trist acum, e singur
L-au luat cu el si l-au inchis in turn, singur
Printre zabrele se uita la stele, e mult prea aproape de cer
Ma striga pe nume, l-aude o lume, d-ar crede ca-i vantul stingher

Acolo sus, in turnul suspendat, nici corbii nu mai vin
Acolo sus nu-i aer si nici vant
Iar eu imi caut azi un alt iubit
De-aici de pe pamant..
Track Name: Aquarium
Baby, leave your hometown
You've been here for quite a while
You got to break free from this old place
You say you want to see the ocean some day
So go and see the ocean someday

My baby left his hometown
He said it felt like an aquarium
Mamma told him 'While you're gone,
If you feel lonely, listen:

'The bells tolling in the night will always be your friends,
'Cause every city has its bells.'

Since he left his hometown
My baby travelled the world all around
He said 'the ocean is blue and it's so wide,
But it has a bottom and a side
No matter how far or how fast you run
There will always be an aquarium'

He said 'Now I know why every city has its bells,
It's just the wind blowing through old shells..'
Track Name: A Tiny Ring (I remember once again)
I found this tiny ring, such a precious memory
I had forgotten about it, but not about the one who gave it to me
I found it in a drawer next to other little things
Which don't mean a thing to no one, but they mean the world to me

You used to call me butterfly, sometimes kitty in the rain
That was when I was sad, but I was rarely sad those days
We used to be together every single night and day
You were everything I had, and you never made me sad

I close my eyes, I close my eyes
And remember once again
And remember once again

Everything so clear, just like it was yesterday
You told me I'm the kind of girl one loves and then never forgets
You told me 'babe, you make me wanna be a better man
But I'm not sure that I can, no, I'm not sure that I can'

You used to drive me home, but until we got that far
You would always stop the car, you would always stop the car
We kissed and we made out and one more time was not enough
You said 'I wanna get into your head, I wanna get into your blood'

I close my eyes, I close my eyes
And remember once again
And remember once again

I wonder how you've been, have you wrote your book by now?
Haven't heard from you in years, guess you're married and with kids
I got a boyfriend now, been together for some time
Nothing special like we had, just a guy who treats me right

I take the ring and put it to for the sake of our old times
I will wear it once again, I will wear it once again
And for a moment my heart aches when I feel the past come back
Will I hear you call my name, be your kitty in the rain..

I open my eyes, something is wrong
My finger aches, the ring is small
We can't go back to who we were
I take the ring and put it back
And I won't wear it once again
'Cause I can't wear it once again..

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