A Tiny Ring (I remember once again)

by Jewelia

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I found this tiny ring, such a precious memory
I had forgotten about it, but not about the one who gave it to me
I found it in a drawer next to other little things
Which don't mean a thing to no one, but they mean the world to me

You used to call me butterfly, sometimes kitty in the rain
That was when I was sad, but I was rarely sad those days
We used to be together every single night and day
You were everything I had, and you never made me sad

I close my eyes, I close my eyes
And remember once again
And remember once again

Everything so clear, just like it was yesterday
You told me I'm the kind of girl one loves and then never forgets
You told me 'babe, you make me wanna be a better man
But I'm not sure that I can, no, I'm not sure that I can'

You used to drive me home, but until we got that far
You would always stop the car, you would always stop the car
We kissed and we made out and one more time was not enough
You said 'I wanna get into your head, I wanna get into your blood'

I close my eyes, I close my eyes
And remember once again
And remember once again

I wonder how you've been, have you wrote your book by now?
Haven't heard from you in years, guess you're married and with kids
I got a boyfriend now, been together for some time
Nothing special like we had, just a guy who treats me right

I take the ring and put it to for the sake of our old times
I will wear it once again, I will wear it once again
And for a moment my heart aches when I feel the past come back
Will I hear you call my name, be your kitty in the rain..

I open my eyes, something is wrong
My finger aches, the ring is small
We can't go back to who we were
I take the ring and put it back
And I won't wear it once again
'Cause I can't wear it once again..


released 07 September 2014
Recorded by Charles Hicks at the IOSR, Surrey, edited and mixed by Jewelia, music and lyrics by Jewelia, Jewelia - piano&vocals, Owen Ralph - violin. Filmed by Sam Ziajka, edited by Jewelia.




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